The leading resource of information, education, recognition, support, connection and advocacy for America’s 5.5 million veterans of color.


The leading resource of information, education, recognition, support, connection and advocacy for America’s 5.5 million veterans of color.


we are veterans

NAMVETS of America serves veterans of races, ethnicies, genders and religions.   We focus on minoriy and women veterans because of the challenges they face both in the military and in the civilian envirnoment.   We work to give veterans a fair shake, no matter who they are and where they come from.

we are americans

As veterans and military personnel we sacrificed America – the Constitution, the land and its people.   So, we have earned the right to speak, to have a voice on what it means to be free, to be unfettered in the pursuit of opportunity and to live in dignity.

we are patriots

We are patriots not simply because we are veterans but primarily because we love our country and what it stands for.  We believe in democracy and the Constitution, and we are willing to defend and protect America everyday.

we are one voice

NAMVETS of America believes that there is power in unity.   To this end we we build bridges between communities, work to understand the issues affecting veterans – particularly veterans of color and women veterans – across America and then speak with one voice to address critical issues at the local, state and national level.   

WHAT we stand for

we stand for the rights of all military personnel and veterans

Veterans of the US military have been promised certain rights and privileges as patriots who proudly served the Constitution of the United States.   NAMVETS of America works to ensure that they rights are provided to all veterans equally – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

we stand for the constitution of the united states and democracy

As an organization that serves veterans, the National Association of Minority Veterans of America defends the Constitution and the Rights that it guarantees all Americans. NAMVETS also supports American democracy, which preserves our freedoms and our rights.

we stand for an end to bigotry, hatred and racism

As a diverse country, we are at our best  when we respect and understand each other and our differences.  NAMVETS of America supports and promotes an America that is free of bigotry, hatred and racism.

we stand for the rights of all people to live in freedom

As Americans, we have rights guaranteed by the Constitution.   Our freedoms depend on these rights being protected and preserved.  As a Veterans Service Organization we work to keep our members informed and involved when our rights are threatened.


Connecting MINORITY Veterans TO Employment Opportunities

NAMVETS of America partners with employers to connect veterans, particularly minority veterans and women to employment opportunities.   Our Employment webinars have connected thousands of veterans to employment opportunities at that employer.

connecting veterans to vA benefits

Veterans are guaranteed a significant amount of benefits by the US government via the Veterans Administration, including; housing, claims, healthcare and other benefits.   NAMVETS works to connect veterans to the benefits they deserve and need.

connecting veterans to local resources

NAMVETS of America is a national Veteran Service Organization with Chapters across America.   We work to connect veterans to local resources for housing, healthcare,employment and other resources.

Connecting veterans to business opportunities

NAMVETS of America and its business develop partners work to connect veterans to business opportunities, particualrly as vetrean owned businesses.

get involved

start a chapter

Local chapters are organized by local veterans to have a voice and to make an impact on the local community.  Chapters are resource centers, working with the National Command Structure to deliver information, education and support to local veterans.  Chapters make an impact on the lives of veterans, their family members and the community in general.   If you want to make an impact, start a chapter today!

join a minority veterans council

The National Minority Veterans Council is a vehicle to provide all veterans of color with a forum to discuss, identify and address issues that are pertinent in their community.  The National Council consists of four ethnic councils (Asian, Black, Latino and Native American Councils) and a council for women veterans.   Get involved in a Council and let your voice be heard!

get connected

There are a number of ways to get connected to the veteran community via NAMVETS of America.  Whether the e-newletter, social media, events or other publications, NAMVETS of America is the source of the latest news affecting veterans.  So, get connected today!


Get involved by taking a more active role as a volunteer in a Chapter, on a Council or with the National organization.   

an organization of committed leaders, making a difference in communities across america!