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Empowering Veterans to Make the World a Better Place For All.

Our Emblem

The emblem the NAMVETS of America is a symbol of justice, unity and Americanism.   Following is a description of the different components of the NAMVETS of America emblem.

  • THE OUTER WREATH: Represents unity and the inter-locking ethnic and racial diversity of our members and of the veteran community in general.

  • INNER BLUE CIRCLE: Represents the deep commitment of our members to serving all veterans.

  • SHIELD OF TRUTH: The round shield represents the absolute belief in the truth.

  • BLACK SHIELD OF : The shield of iron resolve in the face of adversity.

  • SYMBOL OF JUSTICE: represents the deep commitment to ensuring that all Americans have equal access to justice.

  • GREEN STRIPE: Represents growth and opportunity.

  • RED STRIPE: Represents courage.

  • USA EMBLEM: Represents Americanism and our commitment to defending the Constitution.


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