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A Leading Resource for Local and National Media

NAMVETS of America is a national organization representing 5.5 million Veterans of color.   The organization has a local, state and national presence.   If you are looking for articles, stories, opinions or just information on issues pertaining to veterans of color, then we can be your primary source.   For more information, contact us.


news center

NAMVETS of America is active throughout the United States, supporting current military personnel and veterans, standing for justice and an end to hatred and discriminiation in the military and in society in general.

local connection

The NAMVETS of America consists of state commanders, chapters, posts and satellites in communiteis across America.   We address issues at the local level by identifing local veterans with experiences and opinions.   

personal stories

NAMVETS of connects media with veterans with personal stories of efforts to overcome challenges, make an impact on the local community and support local veterans. 

public service announcements

NAMVETS of America makes public service announcements at the local level.   The annoucements aims to inform veterans of local events, programs and resources.


NAMVETS of America is the leading source of quotes and opinions by veterans of color on broad range of issues pertaining to war, racism, discrimination, immigration, VA benefits, and many more issues.

media partnership

NAMVETS of America partners with media to promote events, identify local and national story ideas, highlight veteran entrepreneurship, spotlight the accomplishments of veterans and to highlight NAMVETs of America’s programs and services.

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