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Empowering Veterans to Make the World a Better Place For All.

Our Story

The inspiration for the National Association of Minority Veterans of America started in the jungles of the Philippines and Vietnam, in the employment offices of some of America’s largest institutions, in homeless shelters and VA benefits offices, in refugee centers and immigration offices, and in marches for women’s rights, civil rights and human rights.

Our story is the story of Americans who served and of an America that far too often has failed to serve them.   It is the story of struggle, perseverance, rejection, determination, discrimination, racism, sexism and love – love for the boundless ideal that is the greatness of America; love the Constitution and the rights that it so ardently guarantees; and for the people of America who, in their core, believe in liberty and justice for all.

The seed for NAMVETS of America was started in 1969 when William Sims and 30 other Black veterans started the Interested Veterans of the Central City (IVOCC), an organization that advocated for veterans to gain greater access to employment opportunities and to VA Benefits.   Over a fifty year period, the IVOCC under the leadership of Mr. Sims, Mr. Tom Wynn and Mr. Mel Dorsey expanded its focus to serve all veterans of color and women veterans.   Today, NAMVETS of America serves the nation’s 5.5 million minority veterans and the organization is a leading resource for connecting veterans to employment opportunities.

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