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housing first



Every Veterans Deserves Decent and Affordable Housing

Studies have show that minority veterans have lower rates of home-ownership than the general veteran population.    NAMVETS of America connects veterans to housing options that meets their need.  Whether supportive housing, transitional housing, permanent housing or home-ownership, we work to find solutions.  


Supportive Transitional Housing

NAMVETS of America works to address homelessness by connecting veterans to supportive housing options in their community.  

permanent Housing

NAMVETS of America works with out partners to connect veterans to permanent housing options.   This is particilarly important for military personnel in transition, women veterans, families and people with disabilities.   


NAMVETS of America works to connect veterans to home-ownership resources, especially home-buying assistance via the VA.   Every who wants a home should be able to purchase a home.

senior housing

NAMVETS of America works to connect veterans who are seniors to quality housing.   Whether permanent, assistant or nursing home, we work to find the best solution.

people with disabilities

People with disabilities have special housing needs and NAMVETS works to identify housing that meets that need by  connecting veterans with disabilites to suitable and accessible housing.

women and families

The need for housing for women and families is growing, and NAMVETS of America works with our partners to identify housing resources for women and families.

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