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Leadership in Action


National Commander

William Sims, US Army Veteran, Vietnam War Combat Veteran – Gold Star (Valor), Purple Heart

Thank you for considering starting a NAMVETS of America Chapter.   Starting and managing a Chapter requires commitment, dedication and leadership – an ability to inspire people to act by communicating a shared vision of the future.

Having a NAMVETS Chapter in your community will make you an instant leader of local veterans and, as well, the local community.  You will be be main driver behind connecting veterans to the community and connecting the community to veterans.   Veterans and local decision-makers will look to you for answers.   So, it is a very important role.

As you apply for a Chapter Charter, think about why you need a Chapter, how you will accomplish the goals of the chapter and what impact the Chapter will make on local veterans and the local community.   Try to estimate the amount of work that will be required to grow the Chapter, and other key people you want involved as leaders of the Chapter.

Finally, as your chapter begins to materialize, know that I and the NAMVETS of America Leadership Team will be right there with you every step along the way.   By working together we will make your chapter a success!


National Commander William Sims standing next to a statue of him in his Vietnam representation.   The statue is located at the Milwaukee County War Memorial.

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