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Our mission

Empower Veterans of Color and Women Veterans to improve their Quality of Life and the Condition of the Communities in which they live

Our mission is grounded in the belief that all Veterans – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sex orientation, or religion – have earned the right and privilege to have full access to the American Dream.   Our aim is to be a key resource of information, support, advocacy for Veterans – especially minority and women veterans – as they work to improve their quality of life.

WHAT we stand for

we stand for the rights of all military personnel and veterans

Veterans of the US military have been promised certain rights and privileges as patriots who proudly served the Constitution of the United States.  NAMVETS of America works to ensure that Veterans have access to the services that they deserve.

we stand for the constitution of the united states and democracy

As an organization that serves veterans, the National Association of Minority Veterans of America defends the Constitution and the Rights that it guarantees all Americans. NAMVETS also supports American democracy, which preserves our freedoms and our rights.

we stand for an end to bigotry, hatred and racism

As a diverse country, we are at our best  when we respect and understand each other and our differences.  NAMVETS of America supports and promotes an America that is free of bigotry, hatred and racism.

we stand for the rights of all people to live in freedom

As Americans, we have rights guaranteed by the Constitution.   Our freedoms depend on these rights being protected and preserved.  As a Veterans Service Organization we work to keep our members informed and involved when our rights are threatened.

an organization of committed leaders, making a difference in communities across america!


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