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The National Association of Minority Veterans of America over the past ten years has grown to be a leading advocate and supporter for Veterans, particularly America’s 5.5 million Veterans of Color. The need for greater support for Veterans trying to navigate the VA Disability Claims Center towers over all other issues. Also, this is a highly personal issue: Veterans have served and sacrificed and deserve these benefits. In fact, when Veterans are denied the benefits or the due process to obtain VA disability benefits it feels like a betrayal. All a Veteran wants is a fair shake and a fair shake is all the National Association of Minority Veterans aims to get for Veterans.

To ensure that all Veterans, particularly Veterans of Color, NAMVETS has made a commitment to become a Congressionally recognized Veterans Service Organization. This way we can submit claims, represent Veterans as they navigate the process, and provide Veterans of Color greater equity in the VA Benefits that they deserve. Being designated a Veterans Service Organization will allow NAMVETS to serve provide Veterans the services and benefits they deserve.

Being a Veterans Service Organization is more than simply helping Veterans navigating the VA Disability Claims process. We also aims to connect Veterans of Color to more services and benefits offered by the VA, including housing assistance, employment assistance, education benefits and healthcare benefits for Veterans and the family members of Veterans. We aims to ensure that the VA – the entire VA – is fully accessible to Veterans of Color in a manner and degree that has never been seen before. By doing this we eliminate and wipe away the disparity between between Veterans of Color and White Veterans in homelessness, employment, suicide rates, and disability claims awards. We truly want no Veteran left behind.

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