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The National Association of Minority Veterans of America supports the development and growth of Chapters in communities across America. Chapters play an enormous role in empowering local Veterans and communities to address key issues affecting local Veterans. Also, in the broader ecosystem of Veteran services and resources, Chapters are a key point of contact for state, regional and national stakeholders. Ideally, every member in NAMVETS should engage with their local Chapter.

The first NAMVETS of America Chapter was started in Milwaukee Wisconsin by Vietnam and WWII Veterans seeking greater employment opportunities for Black Veterans. Chapters have been created in other locations around the country, and the numbers are growing every year. William Sims, a co-Founder of NAMVETS of America, says that “local Veteran leadership is usually expressed via a Chapters…Chapters know what local Veterans need and work to deliver for local Veterans.”

NAMVETS Chapters are part of the broader national command structure, which also includes national, regional and state commands. NAMVETS of America has five regional commands and each region contains from eight to twelve states. Each level echelon is managed by National, Regional, State and Chapter Commanders. Damon Dorsey, Executive Director and co-Founder of NAMVETS of America, says that “we see our commanders as being capable leaders able to effectively deliver on the mission of NAMVETS of America…they are people committed and dedicated to making a difference.”

To learn more about NAMVETS Chapters, contact us by clicking here.

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