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Veterans Making a Difference


Veterans Making an Impact in Their Community

NAMVETS of America, at its core, is a community development organization; working to not only improve the quality of life for America’s veterans but also the condition of the communities in which they live.   If you are interesting in making an impact on your community, then get involved with NAMVETS of America – a NAMVETS Chapter – and make a difference.   By working together, we can change the world!

National Association of Minority Veterans is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) veterans service organization that serves America’s 5.5 million veterans of color, in communities across the United States of America.  Since 1969, NAMVETS of America members have advocated for veterans, ensuring that they have full access to the information and resources they need to not only improve the quality of their lives but also to improve the conditions of the communities in which they live.  


NAMVETS of America works to connect veterans, especially veterans of color and women veterans to employment opportunties in some of America’s largest employers.


NAMVETS of America works to connect veterans to housing options, including; transitional and permanent housing and home-ownership opportunities in communities across America.


NAMVETS of America works to support efforts to develop local youth, including; supporting job training programs, sport activities, education initiatives and other programs.


NAMVETS of America works with partners to address family issues, including; emergency services, domestic violence, elder assistance, minor home repair and other programs.


NAMVETS of America supports and hosts events that inform and educate a local community on resources and tools to improve access to services and programs.


NAMVETS of America supports efforts to minimize food insecurity, including supporting urban farming, connecting residents to food resources and supporting emergency services.

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