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National Association of Minority Veterans is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) veterans service organization that serves America’s 5.5 million veterans of color, in communities across the United States of America.  Since 1969, NAMVETS of America members have advocated for veterans, ensuring that they have full access to the information and resources they need to not only improve the quality of their lives but also to improve the conditions of the communities in which they live.  


NAMVETS of America partners with employers to connect veterans of color to employment opportunities in a broad range of industries.


NAMVETS of America partners with housing providers and financial institutions to deliver housing options to veterans and their family members.


NAMVETS of America works with its partners to connect veterans to VA benefits, including disability claims benefits, healthcare services, housing resources and other benefits.


NAMVETS of America is involved in a broad range of community based initiatives and programs at the local level.   If you are interested in partnering with NAMVETs on your program, please contact us.

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