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Employment Solutions for Veterans

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Veterans: Team Players on a Mission

NAMVETS of America VETConnects Employment Program connects veterans of color and women veterans to employers that have a commitment to diversity and inclusion.   Employers partner with NAMVETS to host events, connect referrals to opportunities and market opportunities employment opportunites to veteran.


vetconnects job fair

NAMVETS of America partners with employers to host job fairs in communities across America.   The fairs focus on attracting veterans of color for a broad range of positions.

virtual job webinars

NAMVETS of America works with its partners to host employment webinars to provide information on employer hiring process, introduce key hiring personnel and connect veterans to opportunities.

employment referral

NAMVETS of America provides referrals to of veterans of color to employers for a broad range of occupations and industries.   

job training resources

NAMVETS of America partners with job training providers to provide job traiing on. abroad range of training opportunities, including technical training.

employment support

NAMVETS provides employment support services to veterans seeking employment and for veterans curently working.  Support services includes mentoring, coaching and employment counseling.

five-star diversity employers

NAMVETS of America recognizes employers with a committment to diversity and a commitment to hiring veterans.  A great way to inform our members of employers of choice.

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